Professional and customizable BBQ


We strive to build the perfect BBQ


We do BBQ.....and beer. We brew, we drink we build. All for the perfect, custom BBQ.

After 5 years of planning, testing and adding to our concept BBQ we are finally producing our first full stainless steel cusomized BBQ.

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We customize the bbqbuilder BBQ for you to reflect your company branding or logos in several parts of the buid.

From Small batches to big volume, get in touch for a offer

Our highly skilled staff is all about Quality and BBQ. We love testing out builds.

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About us


We build BBQ's and all kind of related smaller products because we love to do so. We love to BBQ even more.

BBQbuilder BBQ's


cusomizable brandable BBQ's....all buit by the coolest guy's in the neighbourhood